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Card Maker Basic

Card Maker Basic enables you to take care of professional card production in a userfriendly way. Card Maker Basic offers you a built in database to personalize ID Cards.

A complete package with advanced features. Supports all forms of encoding (barcode, magstripe, chip) as well as contactless encoding like iClass, LEGIC, Mifare.

Create your own ID cards and badges for universities govermental, larger companies, for registration,identification,access&controlandtime & attendance issues.

Standard Features

  • Unlimited records
  • Multi user
  • Auto import export (including images)
  • Multiple badge layout
  • Contactless chip encoding (Mifare,LEGIC,iClass)
  • High quality photo or signature capturing
  • Cad and encode preview
  • Batch printing
  • Single & double sided

All major functions are organized in the main screen for easy access. Create badges, manage the production, personalize and organize the MS Access-based cardholder database. The MS Access database software is included.

Enhanced features are password protected, import and export of data including images (photo, signature, fingerprint). Each record can contain more than one image and besides the passport size picture you can add a signature. A project can contain as many badge layouts as the user would like to have. A specific feature of the Card Maker Basic is the
automatic layout selection. With this feature it is possible to print each card on it’s own lay-out.

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