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Cardz India spearheads Mifare bus passes in Karnataka


How the System works ?

According to a circular issued by the Supreme Court of India, it is mandatory for all school buses to install GPS. We will make sure that the rule is followed in its full sense and we don’t want the tragedy to be repeated or to have an innocent losing his life because of somebody’s mistake “Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety Deccan Chronicle 23rd Dec-2010

                With the increasing incidents of crime, innocent children have become soft targets. While tracking a school bus using GPS system is a good step forward, parents need information on their children in these buses in “Real Time “. Schools having multiple buses with thousands of children embarking and disembarking buses at various locations in the city tracking them in real-time is impossible with a simple GPS System. Here is unique solution that answers this vital issue find out how….Talk to us…

The system simple, elegant, cost effective and ready-to-deploy ! School Children wear weather- proof Smart Badges which get tracked by Smart Readers, be it on the school premises or school buses. RFID combined with GPS, gives accurate information on the child an well as the school bus. The system is completely automated with on intervention from either the children or school authorities of parents.

Benefits of the systems



Travel Desk

  • Instantaneous Absentee reports
  • Realtime Child and Bus Location
  • Child Responsibility greatly reduced
  • Reduced manpower
  • Timely alerts
  • Complete Transparency


  • SMS Alerts
  • SMS Enquiry
  • Realtime child location
  • Realtime Bus Location
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Individual parent Login
  • Information - on the web, on the mobile
  • anytime, anywhere
  • Realtime Bus Location
  • Over-speed alerts
  • Efficient management
  • Take action on speeding drivers
  • Drivers duty information
  • Automation
  • Stopping reports

student track process

While multiple buses roam around the city with school children, the system constantly tracks the bus. all the children on the Bus, exact location of the school bus in the city, speeding information, stoppage information and constantly updates a Web-base server in “Read Time” This helps both Parents and School Authorities to be constantly information of various child safety information, without any elaborate infrastructure either inside the school or on buses, Parents sitting half-way across the globe can know where their child is !

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