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Jewellery Tracking System

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Irys Jewellery Tracking System

The entire product converges on a single aim – ease out item-wise stock take by offering automatic multi-scan capabilities for jewellery items. Ten thousand items being counted and accounted for in 10 minutes can now be a reality.

In the event of an inventory check procedure, a fully automated RFID system is expected to contrast vastly from a manual operation. By manual, we mean a paper-and-pen type of accounting. Semi -automated solutions such as a software equipped with barcoding capabilities does move a step further in terms of accuracy and visibility, but does little to save time spent. Moreover, the accuracy is also largely dependent the visible information printed on the labels; scratched  or dust covered labels require repeated scanning and often result in misses.

.In a typical scenario of a single RFID tray (scanner), it will look like this:

1 second of scanning detects 40 jewellery items versus a manual procedure where it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete

In a second scenario of 4 RFID trays (multi arrayed scanners) are working at the same time, it will look like this:

2 – 3 seconds of scanning detects 150 jewellery items versus a manual procedure which will take between 30 minutes to 40 minutes

When there are more RFID trays working at the same time, it becomes obvious that RFID is achieving exponential efficiency figures.

In case portability is preferred over multi-tray scanning, options such as the bluetooth scanner or the handheld scanner are also available. These options also allow the client greater flexibility in terms of functionality.

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Irys Jewellery Tracking System Contents:


The Pandora


It scans a stack of jewellery trays instantaneously saving considerable time and effort. A large jewellery store or a warehouse is the most likely candidate to make use of the Pandora. Trays of tagged jewellery items can simply be passed through the scan area and moved on to the strong room. The results are instantly presented and verified on the computer screen. Thus the tedious and error prone task of stock taking is completely automated.


Handheld Terminal

A Wii-Fi enabled mobile computer with an integrated RFID scanner, which automatically detects tagged jewellery items directly from the display. With this terminal the need for a host can be eliminated. The scanner simply needs to be moved over trays of jewellery. The jewellery count will be instantaneously displayed on the screen of the handheld itself.
It is an ultra-portable device for guided precision. This device communicates via bluetooth; hence needs a host (a PC) to communicate with. Once the two devices are paired, the scanner automatically detects tagged jewellery items and transfers the data to the PC.



The labels come in two form factors – Reusable and Non-Reusable. The reusable tags are used by sandwiching them between the barcode label, whereas the non-reusable tags can be used by printing the barcode directly on the RFID tag.
It saves valuable time and effort by directly encoding the RFID tag and printing barcodes at the same time. When a large number of tags need to be encoded, using an RFID printer for printing/encoding tags saves considerable time and the jeweller can be assured of rolling out RFID within a very short span of time.